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I Have A Cunning Plan...

would anyone be interested in doing A promptathon of sorts?

hi! Um i was just wondering if anyone was out there as i haven't seen any activeity since december. If so would anyone be interested indoing a pipster promptathon of sorts?

I joined the com kinda late and read threw all 4 of the promptathons. they look fun but they haven't happened in awhile so ive never participated in one.

um let me know if your interested or why know why they stopped
funny bunnies

...and we're back, we're LIVE!

Greetings, gentle readers! It's been quite awhile since I posted anything here... real life has demanded my time and attention... but we still need the pleasant distractions of fantasy, and so I gladly return the spotlight to the masters of distraction:

(I'm posting the entire story here, since the RL interruption was SO long.)

It's hard to resist The Trickster when he's got Another Brilliant Idea... and, frankly, Hartley really doesn't want to resist... so... this is happening now...

Let's Go!
Let's Go! Part 2
Let's Go! Part 3
Let's Go! Part 4
Let's Go! Part 5

This story arc is the sequel to C'mon

...and it all starts with Props

Links to all the other stories, in chronological order, are here.

Wow, Jinx, your posts are really Minimalist! So what's it all about, anyway?

Five times Piper or Trickster rubbed snow on the other ones face and one time they didn’t

Fandom: DCU
Pairing/Character: Pipster
Rating/Warnings: G
Links: AO3 | Tumblr
Prompt of the Week - On your write:
Write something based on this quote: A snowball in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a lasting friendship.
(Markus Zusak)

Alternative title: All I want for Christmas is you

I have a soft spot for Christmas songs (and I love comments as much as i love cookies)

To the story

Hunted dreams like hunted rats

This is my entry for the "Rogues Bang 2014"

Beta and Artist: Kidetz / Meindraws

Genre: Drama
Characters: Hartley Rathaway (David Singh, James Jesse, Cameos from the Rogues)
Pairings: Hartley/David, Pipster
Rating: T
Warnings: Somebody is slowly losing their mind - or at least think they are, blood in surreal dreams
Edit: Inspirated by this FF from TouchofGrey
(I knew that I forgot something, but still fuck)

This story places itself along the Continuity from the DCnU and I takes dialog and senarios from Flash #8, #9, #12, #Annual, #23.1 and Rogues Rebellion.

Hartley already had enough problems convincing his boyfriend to come out already, he didn't really need the problem of dealing with two different lives in his head, especially when he wasn't even aware of that fact.
So he does what every person would do in that situation, go slowly insane and dye your hair.

FF: LJ / AO3