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Hunted dreams like hunted rats

This is my entry for the "Rogues Bang 2014"

Beta and Artist: Kidetz / Meindraws

Genre: Drama
Characters: Hartley Rathaway (David Singh, James Jesse, Cameos from the Rogues)
Pairings: Hartley/David, Pipster
Rating: T
Warnings: Somebody is slowly losing their mind - or at least think they are, blood in surreal dreams
Edit: Inspirated by this FF from TouchofGrey
(I knew that I forgot something, but still fuck)

This story places itself along the Continuity from the DCnU and I takes dialog and senarios from Flash #8, #9, #12, #Annual, #23.1 and Rogues Rebellion.

Hartley already had enough problems convincing his boyfriend to come out already, he didn't really need the problem of dealing with two different lives in his head, especially when he wasn't even aware of that fact.
So he does what every person would do in that situation, go slowly insane and dye your hair.

FF: LJ / AO3
Tags: fic, hartley rathaway, piper
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